How Should I Choose My Wedding Colors?

Choosing Wedding Colors Is FunAre you wondering how you’ll ever narrow down the seemingly endless choices for wedding colors? A defined color palette can help give your wedding a cohesive feel, and it can also almost instantly help to create a unique vibe. So whether you’re looking to create a romantic atmosphere, a colorful soiree, or to inspire some other emotion, picking the right wedding colors can help set your celebration apart. Here are a few tips for choosing wedding colors that will create the perfect atmosphere for your big day!

Start with a Color You Love, or a Theme You Like

Whether you choose your favorite color as inspiration, or a theme you’ve always loved (beach, winter wonderland, etc.) picking one color or a few as a starting point for your wedding décor, can help make subsequent decisions much easier.

Keep in mind that bright colors can really shine without becoming overwhelming, when they are paired with more neutral shades, while a series of similar hues can coordinate well together, and allow a special metallic finish, or fancy beading steal the show!

Choose Complimentary Colors and Think About How Much of Each to Highlight

Much like decorating your home, choosing wedding colors is about picking colors that work well together, but also knowing how to balance them.

When you choose too many bright colors, your guests’ eyes can have a difficult time knowing where to focus. Letting neutrals balance bright shades or even bold patterns, helps create a sense of order.

If you’re sticking to a mostly neutral or pastel palette, think of adding interest through unique textures, finishes and other special touches. While wedding planning remember, sometimes little flourishes can make a huge impact!