Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?: Part One

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?What bride-to-be doesn’t at least consider the possibility of a beautiful destination wedding? Unless you have spent your whole life dreaming of a wedding in your hometown, chances are high that you and your fiancé will at least discuss the possibility of marrying somewhere other than your current home or where you grew up. If a destination wedding is something you are both seriously considering, a few helpful questions can help you make the right decision for where to host your wedding ceremony and reception.

Where Do You Feel Most at Home? Where Do You Feel Happiest?

The venue and city where you wed should be some place you love. For some that means choosing to exchange vows in the town where they fell in love, where one or both of them grew up, or where they currently live. These are all considered traditional wedding locations.

But many modern couples now prefer the appeal of a destination wedding, meaning they want to choose a location that isn’t “home,” but one that makes them feel happy, all the same.

Beaches have long been popular wedding destinations, and many resorts across the globe offer all-inclusive wedding packages to make the appeal of a destination wedding even stronger. But they are hardly the only dreamy place to say “I do.”

Any city you love can be a great choice for a destination wedding. From New York to Austin, no location is off limits when you’re certain you want to travel to your wedding destination!