Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?: Part Two

Is a Destination Wedding For You?When considering a destination wedding, it is important to understand the logistics of a destination wedding are quite different than a traditional wedding. Namely, you need to be prepared to spend a lot more time coordinating travel schedules, and it will be incredibly important to have a great team of planners on your side. For instance, if you choose a city you won’t be able to visit before the big day, you will likely want to have someone locally available to arrange details and pick-ups as necessary, leading up the wedding. You will also need to trust your wedding vendors to take care of many last-minute details on your behalf, since you may not be able to arrange much on your own (especially true if you will be traveling by plane, and unable to transport as much as you might if traveling by car). You may also want to schedule more time off, for yourself, to prepare for your wedding day on location.

Do You Want A Huge Wedding, or an Intimate One?

It is important to keep in mind that destination weddings can be more difficult for some people to get to, logistically, financially and simply given their individual schedules. For these reasons, many couples realize that by choosing a destination wedding they will be creating a more intimate gathering than the kind of large wedding celebrations that are common when couples choose to marry locally.

In many cases, this is actually a selling point for a couple, as it is a way to ensure the wedding day is truly about those closest to them sharing in their new start. But if you have your hopes set on a big wedding, with hundreds of friends and family, planning a destination wedding may not be ideal for you.