Is a Wedding Budget Really Necessary?

Is a Wedding Budget Necessary?Many brides shudder at the idea of having to establish a wedding budget before they can get into the more fun aspects of wedding planning. Unfortunately, failing to set a budget upfront can often be a recipe for disaster. Failing to set a realistic budget, or not sticking to it, can cause dangerous patterns of overspending, which can create more stress than necessary. A wedding budget can help keep your spending on track, as you plan your wedding, so you can have the kind of day you always dreamed about, without breaking the bank in the process.

Don’t Skip the Important First Steps

You probably realize there are a few key decisions that must be made early on, in order to help make the rest of wedding planning more streamlined and simple. Choosing where you will wed, including the wedding venue, and the wedding date are obviously important. But even before these decisions are made, it is wise to sit down with your fiancé (and your parents, if they will be contributing financially as well) to establish a budget.

Knowing how much you can actually afford to spend on the wedding can help narrow down potential decisions and ensure you reserve enough funds for each of your big ticket items, as well as supplemental details.

Stick to Your Budget As Closely As Possible

It might go without saying, but a wedding budget is of little good if you do not stick closely to it. While many couples might need to shift funds slightly, for instance if they fall in love with a caterer that is slightly over budget, they might spend less on décor to keep the overall budget on track. In general, it is best to take care of the biggest expenses, first, then attend to smaller details.