Save Money with Some Smart Wedding Planning Tips: Part One

Something Borrowed Wedding TraditionWhile planning their weddings, most brides adhere to the tradition of wearing or carrying something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. But that tradition doesn’t have to be relocated to a single piece of jewelry or an embroidered handkerchief. Chances are you have friends and family members that would be thrilled to let you borrow other key pieces on your wedding day, both as a means of saving some money, and just as importantly utilizing pieces that have extra sentimental value.

You Probably Don’t Have to Beg to Borrow Key Items

Before you head to a bridal shop, seriously consider any loved one’s offers to lend you pieces from their own wedding. And don’t be afraid to ask others, especially friends that may have recently gotten married, if they mind letting you “shop” their wedding stash. While you don’t want to be pushy about it, and some friends may be more particular about lending out items than others, in general it doesn’t hurt to politely ask if you can borrow many of the items you would otherwise have to purchase for one-time use. This can be of huge benefit to your wedding budget. But it will also make you smile on your wedding day, realizing just how many loved ones have contributed in such special ways to your own celebration!

Excellent ideas for borrowed items include:

  • Cake cutters, especially those engraved with significant family members’ own wedding dates
  • Champagne glasses for your toasts
  • Wedding veils, which don’t go through as many trends as dresses do, and are basically one-size-fits-all
  • Pearls, or other jewelry with both timeless and sentimental appeal

Whatever you do borrow, just be sure to return it in excellent condition. Better yet, you should strive to return the items in a timely manner, and in the exact condition they were delivered to you. After all, you don’t want to make your grandma’s antique lace tablecloths look like new.