Savvy Shopping Tips for Budget-Conscious Brides: Part Two

Wedding Budget Conscious ShoppingMost smart couples want to throw a stylish celebration, without going over budget on their big day. Fortunately, it has never been more possible to achieve a beautiful wedding day, even on a budget. It just takes smart shopping, and making a few key decisions early on to help keep your wedding spending on track, and hopefully under budget. Here are some simple ways to save dollars without compromising your vision for your wedding day!

Ask Your Bridal Shop If There are Discounts Available

Most brides shy away from trying to save money on their wedding dresses, as this is one of the most important items they will purchase and they don’t want to compromise. While we wouldn’t recommend buying a dress you don’t love, just to save a few bucks, it is still possible to save money on your attire.

Instead of scouring only the clearance rack, watch for sales ads and even politely ask your local bridal shop of choice when/if there are any upcoming sales. You can also watch the price of your favorite gown online. If you have a long engagement, use this to your advantage, timing your biggest purchases around big sales!

  • Simply taking advantage of yearly or seasonal sales can add up to great savings on your dream
  • Some bridal shops also offer discounts to bridal party members that also purchase their dresses there.
  • Some stores may also offer free or discounted alterations. Compare prices and read plenty of reviews before deciding whom to have alter your gown!
  • Keep in mind that paying less upfront isn’t always the best buy or a benefit to your wedding budget, especially if you end up having to fix mishaps down the road.