Set a Date with Friends for Some Fun Wedding DIY’s: Part One

Set a DIY Wedding Crafting DateSummer can certainly be a great time to get together with friends, and while there’s nothing wrong with sipping cocktails poolside, this is also a great time to knock out some of those ever-growing to do’s on your wedding planning checklist! In fact, what could be more fun than a day – or night – spent with your girlfriends, creating one-of-a-kind decorations and details for your big day? With the warmer weather come ample opportunities to grab some spray paint, or other crafty supplies, and go to town! Here are a few of our favorite DIY elements, as of late, perfect for some summertime crafting dates.

Unique, Colorful Details Are Often a Paint Can Away

If you’ve been stockpiling vintage goodies in need of fresh paint, or raw wood accents for your big day, summer is an excellent time to finally add some color to them! Many pieces can be updated with a simple coat of paint, and we love the unique vibe that is created when pieces are refurbished or used in unique ways.

Many hardware stores offer affordable paint samples in small sizes, perfect if you’ll just be painting some mason jars, frames, welcome signs or other small items. Spray paint also comes in a variety of both colors and finishes, including chalkboard paint and shiny metallic, making mini makeovers simple and fast. Just remember you may also need to stock up on other painting gear, like fresh brushes, painter’s tape, and sandpaper for creating antique-like finishes.

Summer is an especially great time to complete painting projects, since the sun can help them dry much faster. Choosing a day with low humidity levels can help keep the paint from remaining sticky.

Just make sure you follow the directions provided closely to eliminate streaks, stickiness, and other potential problems. Most importantly, wear proper safety gear when you’ll be dealing with strong fumes, and choose a location that provides ample ventilation. You’ll also need to create a good working space, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving paint stains all over your driveway, walls or vehicle.