Set a Date with Friends for Some Fun Wedding DIY’s: Part Two

Plan a DIY Wedding DateIf you are looking for a little extra excuse to spend some time with friends over the summer, while still tackling your growing list of wedding planning projects, why not host a DIY date day with your besties? DIY continues to be a wonderful trend in wedding décor. Plus, one-of-a-kind projects can be fun to create and lend unique touches to your ceremony and reception décor. Here are a few fun ideas for projects to undergo over this summer!

Create One-of-a-Kind Floral Arrangements with Simple Succulent DIY’s

Many couples like the look and earth-friendly nature of incorporating potted succulents into their table arrangements. Cacti and other succulents can easily be added to a variety of unique containers, are easy to care for, and they make excellent wedding favors that can be enjoyed long after the reception is done!

Summer is a great time to stock up on these gorgeous, traditional-flower alternatives, especially if you’ll be wedding relatively soon (like late this summer or in early fall).

  • You could also create these one-of-a-kind gifts for another special event, such as an upcoming bridal shower or engagement party! (Just keep in mind, that if you haven’t yet mastered a green thumb, you may want to complete this project within a week or two of your special day!)
  • A few of our favorite containers for mini succulents include vintage teacups, mason jars, geometric planters, wooden crates and boxes, coffee and other tin cans, and simple ceramic pots. Before planting, just be sure to create adequate drainage at the bottom of each container, or fill the bottom of the vessel with a layer of rocks to help prevent water from sitting too long directly on the plant.
  • There are dozens of helpful tutorials about succulent care on Pinterest. Better yet, consider taking a course with your girlfriends, over the summer, at a local nursery near you. Many hardware stores also offer regular courses on plant care, which can be a fun group outing and educational.
  • Summer is also a great time to stock up on seed packets, as unique and usable wedding favors! A variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables can be grown in relatively small spaces, perfect if many of your guests are apartment dwellers.

Whistle While You Work Through Other DIY Projects

  • Summer is also a great time to begin collecting wood slices for table décor, or makeshift side tables out of fallen logs, for your wedding reception. Just be sure to read up on the best kinds of wood to salvage, and determine if they will need to be cleaned and/or treated with a sealant to eliminate bugs/prevent decay.
  • Enjoy some AC and craft time with friends, by working on invitations and other paper goods, creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, sewing up buntings or table runners, or any other projects you and your loved ones are up to tackling yourselves.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out a few new cocktail recipes, too, while you’re working (so long as glue guns and power tools aren’t part of the equation). There’s nothing wrong with mixing a little wedding planning business with pleasure, especially over a summer break!