Wedding Traditions It’s Okay to Shirk: Part One

Wedding Traditions You Can SkipWhen it comes to wedding planning, some brides and grooms want to stick closely to tradition. Many couples even take cues from their own parents’ or grandparents’ weddings, when it comes to planning how the ceremony will go, or even what kind of cake they’ll serve at the reception. However, many modern couples want to feel free to create their own special kind of day, and sometimes that mean shirking some wedding traditions! While there is nothing wrong with sticking to timeless wedding traditions in many cases, if some traditions don’t feel right for you, feel free to create your own rules!

Who Walks You Down the Aisle?

Sure, it’s tradition for a bride to have her father walk her down the aisle and then “give her away.” But not all brides feel comfortable letting their fathers to take this special role, or even want to be given away at all. Don’t be afraid to walk the aisle alone, if you want, or to choose any one person, or a few to hold your arm as you take these important steps.

Some brides may want both parents to walk beside them; others may prefer to have mom take that honor. Do what feels right for you, whether that means asking your brother, grandfather, sister or some other loved one to be by your side as you head to the altar.

Reserved Seating at the Reception

While there are lots of beautiful ways to reserve seats, that doesn’t mean a formal seating chart is necessary. On the contrary, many modern couples prefer a more laidback approach when it comes to the wedding reception.

If you’re hosting a buffet-style meal, it is especially easy to have open seating, where guests can simply choose to sit wherever they’re most comfortable.