Wedding Traditions It’s Okay to Shirk: Part Two

Toast and Other Wedding Traditions to RethinkNot every couple wants to host a traditional wedding. In fact, many modern fiancés want to celebrate their own unique love story by throwing some wedding traditions to the wind, in favor of choosing what makes the most sense for their tastes and timeline. From traditional timing of the toasts to bouquet and garter tosses, here are a few more wedding traditions we think it’s okay to skip out on, or at least to rethink and rework to suit your needs.

Avoid Tipsy or Overly-Embarrassing Toasts

If you want to have your closest friends and family toast your marriage, but are worried that they may be a bit too tipsy to do a great job at the midpoint of your wedding reception, don’t be afraid to rethink when the toasts take place.

Having the toasts be the first thing after you enter the reception is an easy fix. But you could also allow your loved ones to offer toasts on your behalf the night before the wedding at your rehearsal dinner. This can be an especially intimate time to let your closest friends and family share funny memories or speak blessings over you, without the potential embarrassment of being a bit too candid in front of your hundreds of wedding guests!

Rethink that Garter Toss!

Wedding receptions are filled with many traditions, but one of the most controversial is the bouquet and garter toss. Not all couples are comfortable with the idea of either, but the garter toss in particular can make many brides-to-be feel uneasy.

If that is you, don’t hesitate to scratch this event from your wedding reception timeline. Remember, your wedding day is about you and your groom joining lives. There’s no need to adhere to any traditions that don’t appeal to the two of you.

However you choose to plan your reception, just make sure to provide a detailed timeline of any events (school or sorority songs to be sung, cake cuttings, toasts, etc.) to your wedding planner, DJ, photographer, videographer and other key vendors well in advance, that way everyone is on the same page when it comes to the wedding traditions you will and won’t be featuring at your big day!