3 Questions to Help Find the Perfect-for-You Wedding Venue: Part One

Questions to Help You Find Your Wedding VenueAre you and your fiancé stumped as to where to begin wedding planning? Sometimes the hardest part of planning, is simply taking the first few steps. For most couples that means choosing a date and a venue. And while many would think the date should come first, we actually recommend choosing a season and a place, before settling on a specific wedding date. This can help greatly increase your chance of booking your dream venue! That said, there are a few important things to keep in mind when trying to decide where you will be pronounced husband and wife! Answering these questions can help you select not only the perfect wedding venue, but can also help simplify the rest of the planning process, too!

1. Who is going to attend?

If you have a large guest list in mind, it will be important to choose a venue that can accommodate all your friends and loved ones, comfortably, and with plenty of space for separate functions, if that’s important to you.

For instance, do you want to have your ceremony and reception in a single place, or will you exchange vows at a church or chapel, before heading to a more party-friendly reception hall? If so, consider the distance between the two locations. Less is better, when it comes to asking guests to travel to a secondary location.

Do you want your guests on the dance floor all night, to enjoy a lavish sit-down dinner, or will you only be serving afternoon hors’d’oeuvres? Keep these questions in mind, as well, when exploring potential venue options, so you can settle on a space that will suit all your needs.

Parking can also be a problem, particularly with large guests lists. So make sure you take this into consideration when selecting a venue.

If you will be having separate ceremony and reception venues, it is wise to even consider hiring a shuttle or cars to help transport your guests.