3 Questions to Help Find the Perfect-for-You Wedding Venue: Part Three

What Wedding Venue Is Right for You?Finding the perfect wedding venue can seem like a tough task, especially when you have only just begun the planning process. But it is also absolutely essential to throwing the wedding of your dreams. Luckily, settling on the perfect-for-you venue doesn’t have to feel impossible, or even stressful. By simply focusing on some key traits you want your wedding to have, it is completely possible and perhaps even surprisingly simple to select the dream venue for where you’ll wed your dream man.

3.    What kind of look or feel do you want to create?

One of the simplest ways to determine what season you want to wed, and to begin narrowing down potential venue locations, is by first deciding what kind of look or vibe you want your wedding to have.

For instance, if you hope to have a low-key and romantic wedding, you might prefer to host an outdoor wedding in spring or fall, when flowers are in bloom and the weather calls for light layers and even cuddling. On the other hand, if you have always dreamed of a lavish ballroom wedding, and want guests to call your celebration, “elegant,” then an indoor, downtown winter wedding by candlelight could be ideal.

By choosing a few adjectives that describe either the look or feel of your dream wedding, you and your fiancé can begin making key decisions, trusting that your individual choices will come together to create a cohesive celebration. In fact, this is a great exercise to begin your wedding planning process. Simply talk about how you want your guests to feel, at your wedding, and then choose three or four guiding words to help as you start the more specific parts of planning.