3 Questions to Help Find the Perfect-for-You Wedding Venue: Part Two

Help Finding the Perfect Wedding VenueNow that you are officially engaged, it’s time for the fun of wedding planning to begin! But before you can head dress shopping, or flower picking, you’ll need to make two important decisions: where and when to wed. If you and your fiancé feel stumped about how to go about making those choices, though, we are here to help. In order to choose both your venue and your date, you’ll first need to decide approximately how many people you will want to witness your “I do’s.” It will also be important to determine what season you hope to wed, as outdoor weddings are only advisable when conditions are comfortable for guests. And here are just a few other helpful questions to consider, before deciding on a wedding venue!

2. What season do you hope to wed?

While a specific date is not necessary to choose a wedding venue, knowing what season you plan to wed can be incredibly helpful. After all, you will want to choose a venue that is going to look great, and be comfortable for your guests, based on the season when you will wed.

  • Spring and fall are often considered ideal for outdoor weddings. The typically mild temperatures during these seasons mean your guests will not likely be sweating or freezing. Just make sure you do have a contingency for rain or other poor weather, if you’re leaning towards an outdoor wedding, regardless of the season!
  • If you love the idea of a summer or winter wedding, it’s extra important to consider the potential weather and choose a venue accordingly. In states like Texas, where the weather is super unpredictable, it can be especially helpful to choose a venue with booth indoor and outdoor spaces, available. Since you could have a beautiful 60 degree day one week in January, and a blizzard the next, it’s best to have indoor spaces at the ready, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate when your big day rolls around.