Five Essential Questions When Booking Your Wedding Venue

Which Wedding Venue Is Right for You?

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be simpler than you might think.

Can you believe it? You have finally found your dream wedding venue, at least one you really love the look of. You may even know that your ideal wedding date is open, but before you sign on the dotted line of that venue’s contract, make sure you know what you’ll be getting for your money. And make sure the space fits both you and your guests’ needs. Here are a few questions that can help make sure you find the wedding venue that is truly right for you!

How many guests can it fit? How many will fit comfortably?

Just because a chapel or other wedding space can seat 200 guests, does not mean it can do so comfortably. So be sure to ask about the capacity your venue has, as well as how many people can comfortably fit given the layout you hope to choose for seating, as well as any areas you’d like to designated to serving, dancing, cake cutting, and other distinct functions at the wedding reception.

What is included in the fee?

Some venues offer only the time and space, for the basic costs of rental, while others provide some tables and chairs, day-of coordination, and other services. Make sure you know what is included with your wedding venue, by asking, and then reviewing the contract closely. If you have chosen a venue that does not provide the other rentals you’ll need to set up for your reception, be sure to include this added cost in your wedding budget.

When are payments due?

Does your potential venue require full-payment upfront, to reserve your date, or a deposit? Are you allowed to split the cost into two or three separate payments? Find out, ahead of time, so you’re not surprised by the bill, or when it’s due.

Do you require I use your preferred vendors?

Most wedding venues provide a list of recommended vendors, whom they have worked with before and trust to do a great job for their brides. That said, some venues actually require that you choose only professionals who are on their list of preferred vendors.

If you have already hired some other wedding vendors, or have your heart set on a certain photographer, caterer, etc. make sure you’ll be able to use their services at your first-choice venue!

How much time will I have to access the space?

Some wedding venues only allow brides and their teams to arrive a few hours before the ceremony’s start time, to begin decorating the space and taking any pre-wedding portraits. So if you know you’ll need ample time to complete the lavish decorating you have envisioned, or if you are planning a first look at your ceremony site, be sure to determine if you’ll have enough time to accomplish these tasks.

At Texas Old Town, we give our brides 16 hours of venue access in order to ensure the day runs smoothly, with ample time for set up, tear down, and plenty of priceless photo ops!