Fun Ways to Make Wedding Planning a Team Effort: Part One

Wedding Planning Tips for CouplesDo you sometimes wish your fiancé was more involved in wedding planning? Sure, some brides are happy to take on all the responsibilities of planning their big day as bride and groom. But many more would love ways to help make their grooms feel more included. After all, it’s not all about you. Your fiancé will play a big part in the wedding, and certainly in creating a happy and healthy marriage! So if you want to get your team building off to a great start, here are a few fun ways to make your fiancé part of the planning process!

Give Your Groom A Wedding To Do List

If you and your fiancé have incredibly different taste, or if he simply doesn’t have any interest in making many of the minute (at least to most men) decisions that make up a wedding plan (we’re talking table linens, centerpieces, bridesmaids dresses, etc.), you may not want to ask him to help make all the decisions about your big day. But you can certainly hand over the reigns on some of the decisions!

In fact, asking your fiancé to make a few key choices is a great way to make sure his personality is equally represented in your celebration (even if your favorite color, pink, is playing a major role in the reception). Making him feel included in the planning process can also keep you focused on planning your whole life together, beyond the big day.

Great decisions to get your groom involved with:

  • His attire, and what the groomsmen will wear
  • The music that will be used at the ceremony and/or reception
  • A color scheme or theme for the wedding (You can start by asking basic questions, like what his favorite colors are, or what adjectives he hopes guests will use to describe your wedding. “Fun and exciting” or “timeless and romantic…” a few well-chosen adjectives can really help the two of you set the tone for your entire celebration.)
  • Flavors or dishes he would love to serve at the reception
  • How big or small he hopes the guest list will be
  • Where he would like to wed, from a city to a specific venue, or a style of space