Fun Ways to Make Wedding Planning a Team Effort: Part Two

Make the Wedding Planning Process a Team EffortMany couples want to enjoy the wedding planning process together, as a way to help prepare for both their wedding and even more importantly their upcoming marriage. That said, not every wedding related to-do is ideal for two. Your groom-to-be might not be stoked to visit the florist with you, or the craft store, or to talk with the seamstress about complicated alterations. Fortunately, there are lots of fun ways to make parts of the planning process a team effort, so you can actually enjoy the process, together! You just need to know which tasks are perfect for tackling as a team.

Make Wedding Related Tasks a Team Effort

If you want to get your fiancé involved in the wedding planning process, start with these fun tasks that scream date night, or at the very least will be something your groom-to-be will actually enjoy rather than dread.

Not only does this help you carve out quality time as a couple, even during such a busy planning season, but it also helps make sure both of your tastes and personalities are reflected in your big day!

Cake Testing – Enjoy the sweet perks of wedding planning by making a date to taste test some cake. Best of all, if you don’t agree on a favorite flavor, you can let one serve as the groom’s cake, and one as the wedding cake. Or, choose a variety of flavors for the various tiers of your wedding cake.

Choosing a Band/DJ – Sure, you could listen to potential bands online, but where is the fun in that? Instead, mark the calendar to catch some of the potential entertainment’s during local shows. That way you will know exactly how they perform live, and you’ll have an excuse to get out of the house and hear some (hopefully) great tunes!

Hiring Your Caterer – Like cake tasting, choosing a caterer should really be a task for two! This helps ensure you both enjoy a meal you love, on your wedding day, and sampling the caterer’s offering is also a great dinner date. If you’re interested in hiring a restaurant chef or even a food truck, head out to sample the food before making a decision who is right for your reception.

Exploring Wedding Venue Options – Few choices will impact your wedding more than where you choose to wed. Make sure you find a wedding venue you’ll both love, by exploring venues together. If you’re planning a destination wedding, this is a great opportunity to take a mini vacation, albeit a working vacation, as a couple.