Fun Ways to Pick Your Wedding Colors

What Colors Are Right for Your Wedding?

Flowers aren’t the only ways to add pops of color. Boots, sunglasses and other accessories can also lend fun colors to your day!

Are you and your fiancé feeling stumped about how to go about choosing the colors for your wedding? Do you have differing tastes, or are you simply having a hard time understanding how the many colors you both like should play a role in your big day? Most couples realize that choosing a color palette to use throughout the wedding planning process, can help to create a cohesive and fun look for their wedding. Still many find it difficult to narrow down their options to a few colors that will work well together, and create the vibe they’ve been dreaming about. Before you throw a dart at a color wheel, or decide to go with black and white for the sheer sake of simplicity, consider these simple ways you can choose a color scheme for your celebration!

Inspiration Is Everywhere, If You Know How to Look

Here are some easy ways you and your fiancé can settle on a color scheme that will work well for the two of you.

  • If you live together, currently, look at the décor in your own apartment or home. Unless your space is furnished solely with hand-me-downs, chances are you’ve chosen the pieces you own because of the colors you’re drawn to.
  • If you live separately, discuss each of your favorite pieces and see what common ground they contain. Perhaps you’ll find that both you and your fiancé favor earth tones to brighter shades. If so, a rustic wedding venue could be ideal for you, as it will likely feature rich woods and natural elements that can keep the focus on the two of you and the flowers and special elements you’ll choose to fill the space.
  • Your favorite vacations can also make excellent inspiration? If you love the beach, chances are you would enjoy a wedding day filled with blues, greens, and the other colors you see when soaking up sun on sandy beaches.
  • Lastly, take a peek in your closet to see the colors you wear frequently. Chances are these are colors that make you feel confident and cheerful! Even black, a timeless wardrobe staple, can serve as great wedding color inspiration! Just don’t be afraid to pair it, or other neutrals, with bold or shiny accents, just as you would an outfit!
  • Once you’ve chosen a wedding venue and date, those too can help make great color inspiration. After all, you will want to choose items that compliment whatever natural elements will be in season when and where you plan to wed!