How to Keep Wee Wedding Guests Happy!

Kid-Friendly Wedding IdeasNot every couple chooses to host a wedding for all ages. In fact, you should not feel obligated to invite kids, if you’re having a particularly late ceremony, or if you are planning mostly adult-friendly activities. That said, many couples want to host an event that is perfect for all ages, especially those with kids of their own or lots of young relatives. If you do want to keep your tiniest wedding guests entertained, here are a few tips and ideas for hosting a kid-friendly wedding celebration that will sure to be the talk of the schoolyard!

Simple Steps to Ensure Guests of All Ages Have a Great Time

Unlike the dreaded kids’ table at holiday gatherings, which often feels like an afterthought, it is possible to create a kids’ area at your wedding that will actually feel like the place-to-be! In fact, it is easy to take a few cues from your favorite kid-friendly restaurants, to get the pint-sized party started!

  • Instead of beautiful but fussy linens, why not cover the kids’ table with butcher paper, perfect for crafting all kinds of masterpieces? A supply of crayons allows kids to go straight to work, while they wait on their dinner to arrive. Plus, this is an activity that is suitable for kids of almost all ages.
  • Small toys like individual packs of Legos, bubbles, action figures, etc. are also welcome additions (and can serve as their wedding favors). Just make sure you pick age-appropriate items for each guest, and for the sake of older attendees, try to choose items that don’t make a lot of noise.
  • When it comes to dinner, if you want to really delight your young guests, skip the adult entrees in favor of kid-approved classics like chicken nuggets, hotdogs, French fries, etc. Consider kid-sized desserts too, such as cupcakes, cookies and milk, or even individual servings of ice cream.
  • Savvy brides and grooms should also consider hiring baby sitters for all or at least part of the evening. While kids may want to fill the reception dance floor with their parents, early in the night, if your exit isn’t until well-past bedtime, babysitters can help ensure the parents get to stay and enjoy the entire party, before having to say farewell.