Is a Weekend Wedding the Only Option? Part One

Do You Have to Get Married On Saturday?Chances are good that the vast majority of the weddings you have attended throughout your life have taken place on a Saturday. It is easy to understand, then, why so many couples assume that Saturday is the only real option for planning when to wed. But you might be pleasantly surprised to realize that there are no hard and fast rules insisting you wed on a Saturday. In fact, many modern couples are choosing to ditch this idea, in favor of hosting a wedding on a weekday that works best for them. Fridays and Sundays have become popular alternatives to a traditional Saturday wedding, but here’s why we think anyday is a perfect one to wed.

Is There a Date That Means a Lot to the Two of You?

For couples that want to wed on a date that is significant to them, either their own anniversary of meeting or dating, or even a parent or grandparent’s anniversary, for instance, it can be helpful to realize they don’t have to compromise the date they really want, in order to wed on a weekday that is considered traditional for weddings.

  • Instead of settling for a Saturday wedding, stick to your heart’s desire, and don’t be afraid to schedule a weekday wedding, especially if it falls on the date that means the most to the two of you.
  • In many cases, this can actually help improve your chances of booking your ideal venue, wedding photographer, and other essential vendors, as Saturday continues to be the fastest-booked day for weddings.