Is a Weekend Wedding the Only Option? Part Two

Is a Weekend Wedding for You?Are you and your fiancé still stumped about when you should get married? Even if you have settled on a season, or even a date, sometimes the calendar can cause you to question your initial plans. For instance, does the anniversary of the first time you met fall on a Friday instead of a Saturday? Is the weekend you planned to get married a holiday, when travel can be overwhelming and schedules are already often incredibly full? If so, we are offering some advice about when and why it’s okay to choose a non-traditional weekday for hosting your wedding.

Considerations When Planning Weekday Weddings

Even before you began choosing a date or your dream wedding venue, you probably already had a clear idea of who would be standing at your side when you say your I Do’s, and who else will be there to witness such a significant event in your life. So, it’s only natural to want to take those important guests’ schedules into consideration.

If you know there are loved ones who would be unable to attend a weekday wedding, but you still aren’t set on a Saturday date, consider a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon, wedding! These days are often easier for people with traditional work schedules to attend, compared to a Monday wedding, for instance. If you will be wedding near your current or childhood hometown, where many of your guests will be coming from, this also helps make a weekday or non-traditional wedding day more feasible.

If you are planning an intimate wedding, it can be even easier to decide what day will work best for your most important guests’ schedules.

Consider Your Guests’ Schedules, But Do What Works Best for You Two

Just remember, ultimately you need to choose what works best for you, as a couple, trusting that those you love will do their best to attend your wedding, whenever it is planned!