Love Coffee? Why Not Host a Highly Caffeinated Wedding?

Romantic Coffee-Inspired Wedding Is there anything more important to you, on a Monday morning, than your first cup of coffee? Do your date nights always include a stop for a latte, instead of dessert? Did you meet your future husband while waiting tables at his favorite café? Are your cupboards filled with dozens of coffee mugs, instead of traditional dinnerware? If so, it is clear that you’re passionate about your caffeination, in particular your daily cup of Joe! So why not celebrate that longstanding love, by incorporating coffee into your wedding planning?

How Can You Host a Coffee-Inspired Celebration?

There are lots of ways to celebrate your love for all-things-caffeinated during your wedding. From your dinner menu, to your wedding favors, here are a few of our favorite ways to honor your love of that magical little bean!

  • Coffee is surprisingly versatile when it comes to cooking, so don’t be afraid to ask your caterer to incorporate coffee flavor into your main dishes (it makes a great, unique addition to dry rubs, barbecues sauces and even Moles!).
  • It can also play a starring role in your dessert menu, by helping add extra flavor to chocolate cakes and brownies, fillings for wedding cakes, or Tiramisu!
  • Most couples serve up a single brew of coffee, to help keep guests dancing late into the night. But you can make your coffee break extra special, by hiring a full coffee service to provide lattes, Americanos and other café favorites! (This is an especially great option if you’re foregoing a traditional bar!)
  • Small bags or jars of coffee beans make cute and useful gifts for guests, as well. Consider creating your own special wedding blend, by choosing flavors both you and your fiancé like, and looking for local roasters that offer blends both you and your guests are sure to love!
  • For décor and another potential gift idea, consider adding coffee mugs in your wedding colors to the centerpieces of each table, using coffee pots and French presses as makeshift flower vases, or filling traditional jars and vases with coffee beans and vanilla candles! This will add that wonderful coffee shop aroma to your romantic wedding reception!