Love Is Sweet, and So Are These Wedding Cake Alternatives: Part One

Wedding Dessert AlternativesAre you super excited to get married, but not so stoked at the idea of serving a traditional cake at your wedding reception? Not all couples love the idea of seeing an ornate white cake at their wedding, because (hard as it is for those of us cake lovers to believe), not everyone loves cake. Shocking, we know! Still, if your sweet tooth isn’t particularly fond of sliced cake, there’s no need to worry, and certainly no reason to skip out on dessert altogether. Instead, consider these fun alternatives for serving up at your upcoming wedding!

Desserts That are Sure to Delight!

If your issue isn’t with the taste of cake, but the presentation, then cupcakes and cake pops are great alternatives to traditional wedding cake. They’re also more portable, which is helpful if you’ll be holding portions of your reception outside, or hope to keep your guests close to the dance floor instead of glued to their tables all night.

But if cake just isn’t your thing, at all, why not opt for a less-traditional but still-delicious wedding dessert instead? Some of our favorites are:

  • A variety of pies, either in regular sizes expertly displayed, or individual pies in tins or even canning jars are timeless choices. Don’t forget to offer the slices a la mode, if you really want to wow guests!
  • In fact, many of your favorite desserts can be served conveniently and cutely in jars or even shot glasses. Banana pudding, crème brulee, chocolate pudding, fruit parfaits… most things look fancier in individual servings. And when all else fails, add whipped cream on top!
  • Cookies have also become popular wedding desserts, especially when served with a variety of milks (chocolate, strawberry, and even almond or another milk alternative). Macaroons continue to be trendy, but there’s nothing wrong with going with a classic like oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip, either.