Love Is Sweet, and So Are These Wedding Cake Alternatives: Part Two

Donuts and Other Non-Traditional Wedding DessertsDoes the idea of serving wedding cake leave you feeling less than excited? Not all brides and grooms can picture themselves atop a traditional white wedding cake. Luckily there are no hard and fast rules that insist you take a “let them eat cake,” approach to your wedding reception. We do, however, insist on serving some kind of dessert to your guests. After all, love is sweet. Don’t you want to celebrate that with some kind of sweet note to end the night on? The sky is really the limit when it comes to choosing what sweet treat you serve up at your wedding reception.

Think Outside the Bakery Box Altogether

Don’t be afraid to think about what you really want to eat and serve, for dessert, rather than trying to work within any kind of set “traditional” treats. Instead let your own favorite desserts inspire your choice.

If you love ice cream, for instance, you could serve up gallons of your favorites, create a float station, or you could hire an ice cream truck, so that guests can each choose their own flavor.

In fact, there are a number of gourmet food trucks known for serving up non-traditional delicacies. From waffles, to beignets, modern couples know they can skip the bakery altogether by hiring a caterer or food truck that will provide great desserts.

Let Them Eat Something, Anything Other Than Cake

Here are a few more fun ways to give your guests something to satisfy their sweet teeth, without resorting to traditional wedding cake.

  • DIY stations are one popular approach to dessert tables! From candy, to popcorn bars, to ice cream sandwiches and sundaes, giving guests control over just how sweet their dessert is, can help ensure they each enjoy their own concoctions. Plus, this helps create a fun activity zone at your wedding, too.
  • If you do want a lavish display of desserts, consider tiers of donuts, cookies, brownies, or lemon bars. Another gorgeous dessert-scape can be created using fresh fruits, scones, etc. to be dipped into chocolate fondue. (It doesn’t have to be cheesy; and it can definitely be delicious!) Incorporate décor elements that highlight your venue’s space, such as rustic wooden cakestands, for a classic, country look, or vintage milk glass for a chic downtown wedding.
  • Individual portions of desserts, such as pies in jars, cookies in gift bags, truffles or other candies in cute boxes, can make for great desserts or perfect wedding favors. These can make beautiful additions to your guests’ place settings, or be displayed on a table near the exit, so that your loved ones can each grab one before they leave.
  • Keep in mind that drinks can also be an essential part of a perfect dessert hour. From serving up milk to pair with your cookies or doughnuts, to coffee to keep people on the dance floor, or signature cocktails made to compliment both your meal and dessert choice, a variety of beverages can help make or break your dessert choice.