Want to Host a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding?

How to Host a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

Wondering how to host a dreamy outdoor wedding? We’re here to help!

Have you always loved the idea of a beautiful outdoor wedding? If so, you must have been thrilled when you found the perfect wedding venue, one with a gorgeous outdoor space where you and your fiancé can exchange “I do’s.” That said, you may be wondering how to add your own unique flair to the outdoor venue you have chosen, or what you can do to ensure your guests have a great time. If so, here are a few tips for planning a lovely outdoor wedding.

Use Simple, Natural Elements to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Many outdoor wedding venues are naturally gorgeous, and don’t require a lot of decoration. But that does not mean that you cannot add your own personal touches to the space, in order to make it even more beautiful for your big day!

  • Lanterns, canning jars filled with flowers, and fabric or paper runners are just a few of the lovely ways to decorate the aisle you’ll walk down.
  • Chair covers or bows are another way to add color to your ceremony space!
  • Archways, altars, chuppahs and other show-stoppers can offer beauty and in many cases spiritual significance, as well. Make the outdoor ceremony space your own by incorporating important elements from your faith tradition, or your family’s heritage.

Create Wooden Signs to Show People Around

If you’ve chosen a large outdoor venue, make sure your guests have an easy way to find their way around. Simple, handpainted wooden signs are a charming way to indicate where guests should park, where the ceremony will be, and where the reception will take place, etc.

For those not crafty, consider hiring a local artist, or look on sites like Etsy for pre-made or customizable options!

Always Have a Plan B

When it comes to outdoor weddings, it is always essential to have a Plan B in mind. You may have chosen a date known for great, mild weather, but you could still face rain or other unexpected surprises. If your wedding venue does not provide indoor space, if needed, then consider renting tents to help make the day more comfortable for your guests.

Umbrellas are another option important to have on hand, as a just-in-case.