Ways to Honor Your Parents On Your Wedding Day

Honor Dad and Mom at Your Wedding Day

Honor mom and dad on your wedding day, with meaningful gifts that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Your wedding day is certainly about beginning a new chapter in life. But it is also about celebrating the love that has brought you to such a significant step, especially that of your parents and family that have supported you all these years. Share your joy with them, while acknowledging the significant role they have played and will continue to play in your life, by honoring their presence in a special way. It’s easy to plan something meaningful for your parents, with just a little forethought.

Gifts Don’t Have to Be Expensive to Be Meaningful

Most brides and grooms choose to bestow a gift upon each of their parents, as a tangible reminder of their gratitude. Even if wedding planning has you on a tight budget, it is possible to give your parents something meaningful, that won’t break the bank.

There are actually a number of gifts specifically designed for honoring the mother and father-of-the-bride. Some of our favorites include:

  • A timelessly beautiful necklace or bracelet for your mom, and even for your soon-to-be mother-in-law is a great choice. Consider giving her something with your birthstone, birthdate or initials, or a charm that holds special meaning to the two of you.
  • A beautiful framed picture is another nice way to commemorate the occasion. Consider framing a beloved photograph from your childhood of you and your parents, together, or opt for a collage frame where you can include photos from your wedding day, as well. Many stores offer engraving for just such an occasion, or you could order a hand-painted frame with a sentimental saying, like, “I loved you first,” or “Always your little girl.”
  • Embroidered handkerchiefs, engraved cufflinks, and other items are also useful and welcome, come wedding day, but will also be functional and sentimental for years to come.

Time Is the Greatest Gift of All

Of course, as most parents will tell you, time together is really the greatest gift of all. So be sure to include special ways of honoring your parents at your wedding, and afterwards as well.

Your dad will be honored to walk with you down the aisle, or to share a dance with you at your reception. But don’t forget about mom. Many couples opt to present flowers to each of their moms as part of the ceremony, or to include all their parents in a candle lighting, sand pouring, or similar moment, or simply in a group prayer during the wedding. Toasts are also an excellent time to thank you parents for all they have done for you, including with wedding planning.

After the wedding, make sure to take time to thank them again, with your presence. Consider hosting a dinner for them at your new home, or have them over to view your wedding slideshow. Or, offer to take them out to their favorite restaurant when you get back from your honeymoon, as a thank you and chance to reconnect after the wedding craziness is over.