Wedding Trends That Will Never Grow Old

Timeless Wedding TrendsYour love will last forever, so why not celebrate it with a wedding that is rooted in tradition and filled with timeless trends? Sure, many things come and go. This year’s “It” dress could be deemed a dud a few year’s down the line. Those shoes you just had to have this summer, will someday leave your closet. Yet there are some wedding trends that have already proven they can stand the test of time. So we think it is wise to fill your wedding with timeless elements, like these.

Decorative Elements You’ll Never Regret

Your wedding will fly by, but your photos will last forever. If you want to ensure your celebration continues to look beautiful and timeless, for years to come, consider these elements that will never go out of style.

Canning Jars – whether clear, vintage blue, coated in glitter or painted in your wedding colors, there is something both country and chic about using jars as vases on your tables. Jars also make great additions to your banquet table or dessert bar, and cute vessels for DIY wedding favors, as well.

Burlap – for country-inspired weddings, burlap will always be in style. As table runners, banners, and even on upholstered pieces, like the bride and groom’s chairs, burlap provides a fun texture that manages to be both rustic and romantic!

Wood – tree slices can be both decorative and useful. We love seeing them prop up other table décor and as rustic cake stands. Small wooden signs are also handy for leading guests to your wedding, reception, and other areas of interest. They can also be used to label various menu items. Tree stumps can also be used, to hold luminaries or as side tables for a stylish seating area at your wedding reception.