Which Wedding Dress Is Right for You?

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Don’t forget to find the perfect accessories to pair with your dress. From cowboy boots to flip flops, wear whatever suits your personal style!

Few elements are more important to most brides-to-be, than finding the perfect wedding dress. Sometimes it is the first one a woman tries on, other times it can seem to take ages to find just the right one. But for every bride, it is important that she feel beautiful on such a big day. If you’re not even sure where to start, when it comes to dress shopping, here are a few helpful tips for narrowing down your search, and ensuring you find the dress that was made for you!

Consider What Shapes Flatter

Before you start pulling gowns to try on, be smart about what shapes of dresses you look and feel your best in. Sure, you’ve probably never tried on wedding gowns before, but you can still take some style cues from the clothes you love to wear.

If you’ve always favored A-line skirts, you may not want to waste time trying on that trendy mermaid-style gown you saw in the shop window. Even if you love the look of it; it might not be right for you. On the other hand, if you’ve long adored curve-hugging silhouettes, it might be wise to shy away from princess-style ball gowns which could hide instead of flaunt your figure.

Keep In Mind When and Where You’ll Wed

The date and location of your wedding should also be a factor you consider when wedding dress shopping. While you don’t have to wear a long-sleeved dress for a winter wedding, you will want to plan for a potentially cold day. You could look for a dress that works well with a shawl, a faux fur muff or even a sweater, for instance.

If you’re marrying outside, at a romantic and rustic wedding venue, you may not want to choose a gown that will look out of place, or one with a long train that will drag along the dirt. (You can get around this issue, of course, by placing a carpet or other walkway down!)

What Do You Want People to See and Say About You?

When you look back on pictures of your big day, what adjectives do you hope will come to mind? Perhaps more importantly, what do you want your husband-to-be to say when he first sees you?

Beautiful, elegant, sexy, lovely… these words might seem like synonyms, but they can actually provide subtle hints as to what kind of wedding dress you really want.

And don’t forget, accessories like jewelry, veils, and even shoes (might we recommend gorgeous wedding boots?) can make your entire ensemble totally, uniquely you!