3 Simple Ways to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Taking Care of Your Bridal Beauty

Taking care of yourself is essential to looking and feeling your best as a bride!

Who doesn’t want to look and feel her best on her wedding day? While what you wear will certainly play into your bridal look, there are actually a few simple steps you can take before heading down the aisle, to make sure you radiate beauty, from the inside out. From how much sleep you get to what you’re putting on your plate, here are our best tips for looking great on your big day!

1. Eat Well

One important way to care for yourself leading up to the wedding is to make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet. Many brides become so busy, leading up to the wedding day, that they begin skipping meals. This can be dangerous for your health, though. So stick to a regular meal schedule, as much as possible, and make time to power up, even if it’s a protein bar or nutrient-rich shake on the way to last-minute appointments.

And on the day of your wedding, don’t forget to eat something, even if it’s a very small meal or snack. It can help prevent nausea (from nerves), headache, fatigue and a bad case of the hangries (irritability)!

Likewise, if you are overdoing the caffeine, in an effort to keep alert and get things done, your skin could be at a higher risk of a wedding day breakout. For a glowing complexion, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and avoid too much caffeine or alcohol leading up to your wedding day, both of which can contribute to breakouts and dehydration.

2. Rest Up

Rest is essential, as well, to looking and feeling great when your wedding day comes around. If you’re having problems sleeping (either from nervousness or sheer excitement) try enjoying calm activities shortly before bedtime, such as reading, having a soothing glass of hot, caffeine-free tea, stretching, or simply meditating. Making a list of to-do items can actually help improve your ability to sleep, as well, as it basically gives your mind permission to rest.

3. Don’t Make Drastic Changes Days Before the Wedding

We’ve seen many a bride panic over a last-minute spray tan, or self-tanner gone wrong. This is why it is best to avoid any major changes within a few days of the wedding. If you’re planning to dye or cut your hair, tan, or try a unique makeup look, make sure you do so with plenty of time to determine if it works for you, and to make adjustments accordingly.

If you’re doing a bridal session, this is a great time to do a trial-run on both your hair and makeup! In this case, you can simply give your stylists minor tweaks for the wedding day, without fear of anything going horribly awry, because of miscommunication.