A Single Question That Can Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

What's the Best Wedding You've Been To?

What’s the best wedding you’ve ever been to? We love the excitement BJ + Sara felt at their big day!

Can you believe it? You’re now engaged, and planning the wedding of your dreams. Yet now that the ring is on your finger, and your fiancé is there to peruse wedding magazines with you, does wedding planning feel a bit more daunting than dreamy? Sure, there are lots of decisions to be made, a budget to set and other serious adulting to do. But we have found that one simple question can make the entire wedding planning process much smoother, and it’s “What was the best wedding you’ve ever been to, so far?”

Planning the Biggest Day of Your Life Just Got Easier

Wedding planning can sometimes feel too abstract. After all, the options are nearly limitless. But, that’s precisely why it can be helpful to ground your options with real-life experience, namely the best weddings you have experienced in the past.

Obviously your own wedding is bound to become your favorite, ever! But in the meantime, discuss what weddings you’ve loved attending as guests and why.

  • If they all had bands, or DJ’s, this can be a clear indicator of what direction you should head with your wedding planning.
  • Likewise, if your fondest memories all center around wedding cake, you’ll know this is an important choice to you, and maybe even an area where you want to spend a little extra time and money getting it just right.
  • If both you and your fiancé loved your friend’s outdoor wedding, then chances are you’ll want to plan an outdoor wedding of your own!
  • Some ideas look great in magazines, or sound promising. But ultimately, knowing what weddings have been the most fun to attend, and have created the most meaningful memories, can help you steer your wedding planning towards decisions that will stand the test of time!