Choosing Wedding Colors That Pop

Colorful Wedding Ideas

Purples, maroons and greens play lovely together. Who knew?

There are lots of decisions that must be made, as a bride plans her wedding. Personally, we think choosing the colors can be one of the most fun parts of the entire wedding planning process. After all, creating a color scheme is a way to ensure your wedding has a cohesive look, as well as a unique one! If you’re feeling stumped as to what colors to choose, though, here are some helpful tips for planning a palette that will really make your wedding pop!

Start with Your Favorite Color, Then Take Cues from the Color Wheel

Remember the color wheel you learned about in elementary school? Did you think it would ever come in handy? Well it will! When planning a wedding color palette, the color wheel can actually be a huge help.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Colors located next to one another on the color wheel are considered analogous colors. Think blue, green and purple. These colors go well together, because they’re similar in their base hue. If you want to create calming décor at your reception, consider a color scheme that has similar colors, think various shades of light pink and orange for a vibrant summer wedding, or shades of blue for a beach-inspired celebration. With similar shades playing lead, you can also create drama with the introduction of cool metallic or textures, like rustic wood accents or silky white milk glass.
  • A complementary color scheme uses colors that are opposites, beautiful proof that opposites really do attract. Think red and green is only for Christmas weddings? Think again! We love to see rich wine-inspired shades like Merlot paired with sage and emerald greens at fall weddings. Teal and orange is another classic example of colors that play well together.