Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Do You Need a Wedding Planner/

Don’t guess whether you need a wedding planner or not. Determine if you do, using these simple questions!

Even if you spent years dreaming about your wedding, once you become engaged you may be surprised to discover just how much work goes into planning such a significant day. Add school or work, to the mix, and wedding planning can, at times, feel downright overwhelming. Fortunately, that is where wedding planners can be life-savers. We know not every bride needs to hire a wedding planner, or feels she can afford one. But many couples find that the assistance of a professional planner greatly lessens their stress, and is well worth the investment. Here are a few questions to consider before deciding if a wedding planner is right for you!

How Much Time and Energy Can You Really Devote to Wedding Planning?

Again, even if you always dreamed about what your wedding day would be like, once it comes to planning logistics, addressing invitations, and the myriad other big and little details that need to be taken care of before your big day, wedding planning can shift from feeling exciting to completely overwhelming.

If that is how you feel – exhausted, stressed, or in over-your-head – you may want to seriously consider hiring a wedding planner to take some of the pressure off your metaphorical plate.

  • For brides that live far away from their families or their venues, or those planning particularly big or lavish wedding days, planners can be particularly helpful.
  • Couples who have opted to host destination weddings can also greatly benefit from the assistance of a seasoned pro as a planner, especially one familiar with the region where they’ll wed.
  • If this is already a busy season in your life, due to work or school stresses, or other big changes (a move, a baby…) you may find a wedding planner is essential to pulling off such a big event.
  • Most planners have packages designed to work within a wide range of wedding budgets, and can customize their services based on how hands-on a bride wants to be.
  • If you’ve already chosen your wedding venue, or hired another wedding professional, ask for recommendations of great planners in your area.

A face-to-face meeting is the best way to determine if a planner is going to be a good fit with your vision and your personality. If this is impossible to arrange, at least schedule a Skype or FaceTime meeting, to make sure you and your potential planner mesh well, before hiring her to help with your wedding!