Don’t Forget Something Old, New-to-You, Borrowed and Blue!

Something Old for Your Wedding Day

Kathleen and Michael knew a car makes for the most epic “Something Old” of all!

We love when our brides incorporate vintage elements into their big day. It’s a fun way to create a timeless look that transcends trends, and often to place personal mementos and sentimental heirlooms front and center on such a special day. If you’re wondering how to incorporate more “Something(s) Old” and “Something(s) Borrowed,” here are a few simple yet meaningful ways to use vintage items on your wedding day!

Heirlooms and Newly-Acquired Vintage Pieces Can Blend Beautifully Together

  • Often aunts, grandmothers and other matronly figures will offer brides handkerchiefs as a something borrowed. If this is the case, why not ask your florist to wrap it around your bouquet. If the embroidery goes well with your decorations, ask that it be showcased. Otherwise, it can be covered in a fabric that coordinates better with your décor, while still allowing you to hold something so special close at hand.
  • Some brides opt to borrow clothing from loved ones, everything from their mother’s wedding dress to a sister’s veil, or even a grandmother’s shoes. Of course, jewelry is also a popular item to serve as “Something Borrowed,” and it helps that most wedding jewelry will never go out of style.
  • If your groom is looking for a sentimental way to honor his dad or another fatherly figure in his life, why not ask to borrow a tie, bowtie, pocket square or even cufflinks. These are signature pieces of most grooms’ looks, and they lend themselves well to being borrowed.
  • Wedding reception décor is another simple place to incorporate many old items, both those handed down from loved ones and those you’ve picked up yourself at treasure hunts of local thrift and antique stores. To keep the tables from looking too haphazard, choose a color scheme or theme to unite the mismatched items, such as vintage glassware in beach-y blues and greens, or a variety of breakfast and cafe-themed items for your afternoon brunch reception.
  • Of course, your wedding ceremony can also be a wonderful place to put-to-work something old. Why not ask a loved one to read a passage from your family’s heirloom Bible, or use the same candleholders your parents used at their own wedding?