Don’t Forget to Enlist Help With These Special Wedding Jobs

Fun Jobs for Special Wedding Guests

Why not put those cute cousins to work, with special jobs for honored guests!

Can you almost hear the bells ringing, your wedding day is so close? If so, you may feel like you’ve already arranged for every last detail of wedding planning. But, are you still wondering if there are some special ways to make other guests feel like honored members of your bonafide wedding crew? There are actually a number of jobs perfect for honoring close friends and family members.

Honor Special Guests with Little and Big Tasks Throughout the Day

Your flower girl and ringbearer will likely be ecstatic to have such a special part in your wedding day. That said, those are not the only roles young kids are perfect for playing at a wedding. We have seen several brides enlist help from pint-sized guests to announce their walk down the aisle, with painted signs or banners.

If you have your heart set on including your furry children (dogs) in your wedding, why not enlist the help of a special friend or relative to help walk with them? Just make sure you’ve also arranged a pup sitter for the rest of the night, or be prepared to have someone drive your pets home after the ceremony, if you think they’ll become restless at a long reception.

After you and your fiancé have had your first bites of cake, you’ll need someone to cut slices for the rest of your guests. Unless you are having a particularly large reception, and may need to hire people to divvy up dessert, it is wise to ask a few friends to take on this responsibility.

You could also ask junior bridesmaids or attendants to stand beside your guest book, to make sure everyone signs in before the ceremony.

Your parents, maid-of-honor and best man aren’t the only ones that might want to give a speech at your wedding reception. Don’t be afraid to ask other guests that have meant a lot to you, including friends that set you up with your spouse, grandparents or other significant people in your life, if they would like to toast you at your wedding reception. Just be sure to give them ample time to prepare a speech; most people aren’t comfortable being put on the spot.