Forget Pinterest; Get Inspired By Your Family’s Wedding Past!

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Borrowed champagne flutes are a wonderful way to honor loved ones.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there were only a handful of wedding magazines to inspire brides’ decisions about what to wear, serve, and how to decorate their weddings. Before that, brides were often reliant upon relatives and friends who’d gotten married before them, to help them plan the wedding of their dreams. Now, the points of inspiration, like the wedding planning possibilities themselves, are truly endless. It is easy to become overwhelmed planning a wedding in the age of Pinterest! But we have found one fun way to avoid this inspiration overload, is by taking a cue from the real-life weddings in your family’s past. Rather than spending countless hours scouring the corners of the internet, looking for inspiration, why not sit down with your mother or your grandma, a beloved aunt or favorite cousin, and find out what made their wedding so special? Chances are you might discover some fun and original ways to create your own special celebration!

Make Inspiration Personal, Again!

It can actually be quite touching and meaningful to incorporate elements from your other family members’ weddings into your own special day. While we’re not suggesting you steal your cousin’s wedding colors, or duplicate every aspect of your mom’s super 80’s reception, you might be surprised just how inspired you feel looking at photos from your family’s weddings, and spotting the kind of timeless traditions that will never go out of style.

Even just hearing about your grandmother’s wedding day could actually help you decide to go with a live band, instead of a DJ, for instance, or to opt for a simple tiered, traditional Italian wedding cake instead of those trendy macaroons you were considering.

In fact, being inspired by the past is also a good way to avoid repeating its mistakes. For instance, it might help you avoid choosing anything that will soon seem dated or cliché. After all, someday you will want your relatives to look back on your wedding photos in wonder and awe, not asking “What were you thinking?”

Remember, borrowing actual décor and even attire from these past weddings can be a significant way to honor especially important relatives in your life, as well as to take care of your “Something Borrowed.” But displaying photos from your ancestors’ weddings is another great way to tie your own love story in with the overarching one that has already been written by those that have gone before you!