G-Rated Bachelorette Parties That Are Every Bit As Fun

Girls Day Ideas for Your Bachelorette Party

Stressed and tired? Skip the traditional bachelorette party, in favor of some relaxation with your best friends!

Wedding showers are generally the time
for prim and proper fun, like high tea and quiet party games. Bachelorette parties are a time to be up and out, enjoying bonding time with your besties. But are you wondering how to host a bachelorette party that is appropriate for all ages? Maybe raucous fun just isn’t your style, and you’re looking for some subdued alternatives to the usual bachelorette party shenanigans. If so, we have great news! There are lots of fun ways to celebrate the end of your singlehood, and the start of your new life as a wife, none of which require all-nighters or hangover relief the next day. In fact, there are a myriad of great and G-rated ways to party with your best gal pals.

Get Out and Do Something

Are you looking to invite junior bridesmaids, your own kids, grandma and others that might not be up for a traditional bachelorette party, to your event? If so, consider these alternatives to traditional bar-hopping excursions, which are every bit as fun, without all the scandal.

  • There are dozens of shops now, where you can sip wine and paint a masterpiece at the same time. Just call ahead to make sure these classes are open to all ages, if you plan to invite those under 21-years-old. Or, if you’ve been anxious to learn a new recipe or crafting skill, consider taking a class together with your bridesmaids in lieu of a traditional bachelorette party.
  • Is the fair in town? Why not hit it – or a local theme park – up with your best gal pals? You can ride the rides, play games, and forge unforgettable memories. Just don’t forget to commemorate the occasion by squeezing into a photobooth, and sharing a funnel cake, of course!
  • Dinner and a movie might be your typical date night with your fiancé, but who says it’s a plan exclusive to significant others? If there is a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try for ages, why not RSVP for a girls’ night out? Instead of hitting up the movie theater after, get tickets to a local theatre production, comedy show, or even head to the drive-in!

Wedding planning can be stressful. Relieve tension and relax with a spa getaway, or even an afternoon of pampering at a local salon, together with your closest friends.