Let’s Start at the Very Beginning of Wedding Planning

Why not start at the beginning?

Start at the beginning, when planning your big day.

Are you still having a hard time believing that you’re actually engaged? Once the initial shock has warn off, you will realize that it is time to start planning your wedding, an exciting but often daunting process. So where do you begin? While many brides think they need to pick a wedding date before anything else, we actually think there are a few other considerations that can be made even before a wedding date is selected. Here is a helpful guide for brides-to-be who are just getting started with the wedding planning process.

Talk Budget Before Anything Else

What you plan to spend on your wedding can actually weigh into every decision you will make, including when and where you will wed. That is because you might determine you need a full year in order to save the funds necessary for hosting your dream day. The budget can also help narrow your searches for potential wedding venues, and other key choices.

Choose a Date and Location, Not Necessarily In That Order

Next, you will need to determine what date you want to marry, and where. Unless a certain date has significant meaning to you and your fiancé, though, most couples decide on a general idea of when they want to marry, such as late fall, or early spring. Then, they can call key wedding vendors, such as their dream wedding venue, photographer, caterer, etc. to see which are available on the dates (plural) they consider ideal.

By making decisions in this order, most couples can help ensure they land their ideal location, while settling on a date that fits their schedules and style preferences.