Month: August 2016

A Single Question That Can Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

Can you believe it? You’re now engaged, and planning the wedding of your dreams. Yet now that the ring is on your finger, and your fiancé is there to peruse wedding magazines with you, does wedding planning feel a bit more daunting than dreamy? Sure, there are lots of decisions to be made, a budget… Read more »

Stop and Smell the Wedding Flowers

Wedding planning involves dozens of big and small decisions, one of which is what flowers you’ll have on display. If you are feeling particularly confused by this choice, perhaps it is best to first free your mind from expectations. Roses, lilies and other similarly formal flowers may be considered traditional for wedding arrangements, but that… Read more »

Should You Hire a Band or a DJ for Your Wedding?

Are you positive that you want a bonafide dance party at your wedding reception, but unsure how to go about achieving that dream bash? Or are you more interested in hosting an upscale reception with music that compliments the classy hors d’oeuvres and signature cocktails you have already selected? Whatever atmosphere you’re hoping to create… Read more »