Should You Hire a Band or a DJ for Your Wedding?

DJ or Band for Your Big Day?

Fill the dance floor by finding the DJ or band that’s best for your big day!

Are you positive that you want a bonafide dance party at your wedding reception, but unsure how to go about achieving that dream bash? Or are you more interested in hosting an upscale reception with music that compliments the classy hors d’oeuvres and signature cocktails you have already selected? Whatever atmosphere you’re hoping to create at your wedding, the music you choose will certainly play a large role. So make sure you find the band or DJ that’s right for you, with these simple tips for helping to set the perfect soundtrack for your big day!

Questions to Ask Yourselves Before Planning the Music

We’ve mentioned before that hiring a band or DJ is a great joint project for you and your fiancé to complete together. In fact, it can even be a good excuse for a date night. So make sure to enlist his help in finding the right complement to your reception.

Here are some questions to get the band or DJ debate rolling as you plan your wedding:

  • What songs do you most want to hear on your wedding day?
    • If you want to hear all your favorite songs, exactly as you’ve grown up hearing them on the radio, then a DJ might be ideal. But if you’re open to interpretations of your favorite songs, or flexible about what gets played, a band could work!
  • Which is more important, that people dance or talk?
    • Hiring a local light-rock or indie band, string quartet or even a pianist is a great way to create soft and romantic background music that allows for meaningful conversations. If you want people on the dance floor, though, consider a high energy band that can play covers of crowd favorites, or a DJ that can literally play anything you know your guests will cut a rug to.
  • Who do you see and hear announcing you Mr. and Mrs. as you walk in the reception hall?
    • Many couples hire DJs as much for their personalities as for their music catalogues. If you envision a fun and energetic personality speaking to your guests throughout the night, introducing you and those who will give toasts, definitely consider hiring an experienced DJ. If you are going to choose a band, try to pick one with wedding experience. Otherwise you might love the music but hate the not-so-witty banter between songs.
  • Do the two of you have a favorite band?

If you and your fiancé have a favorite local band, or one that you know plays weddings, then the decision may already be made. However, if your favorite band is unavailable, on a national tour, or not even together, anymore, then consider choosing a band that can do great covers of the songs you love most. If you and your fiancé have very different taste in music, try to choose a band that can cover both of your favorites, without problem. Or, if no one fits that bill, you may prefer hiring a DJ who can play the songs you both adore!