Stop and Smell the Wedding Flowers

Ara and Nick Wedding Flowers at TOTAra and Nick Wedding Flowers at TOT

Ara and Nick went with a combination of flowers and potted plants to make their tables both beautiful and unique!

Wedding planning involves dozens of big and small decisions, one of which is what flowers you’ll have on display. If you are feeling particularly confused by this choice, perhaps it is best to first free your mind from expectations. Roses, lilies and other similarly formal flowers may be considered traditional for wedding arrangements, but that hardly means they are the only option for your big day. In fact, we think it’s best not to limit your floral choices to those that you’ve seen at other weddings. Instead, think about what flowers – and other natural elements – make you smile, and use that as a springboard for creating beautiful and unique arrangements!

Don’t Feel Compelled to Stick to Traditional Arrangements

You actually don’t have to limit your choices to cut flowers, at all.

  • Succulents remain popular alternatives to traditional flowers. Better yet, combine small potted cacti and other plants with a mix of flower arrangements for a colorful, eclectic yet thoroughly modern look.
  • Herbs, hydrangeas, daisies and other plants look gorgeous in simple cans or pots, and they can make a great addition to your home or lawn when the wedding is done.
  • Apples and oranges aren’t just for old adages. Fruits like these look beautiful displayed in bowls, or as part of your table settings. They also add a natural, even seasonal element and fresh scent. You can also add lemon slices into your flower vases or pinecones atop table runners for a fresh take on floral arrangements.
  • Some couples prefer the addition of truly one-of-a-kind flowers, such as those handcrafted from paper, metal, fabric or even buttons or broaches! If you’re not very crafty yourself, look on sites like Etsy for pre-made flowers, or the opportunity to place a custom order.
  • Another simple way to make your flowers something special is by choosing interesting vases and unexpected containers. Anything goes, from tea cups to coffee tins, wheelbarrows to chandeliers. In fact, the more unusual, the better!
  • Let your wedding venue inspire your flower choices, by choosing both flowers and containers that complement its vibe, whether that’s rustic and romantic or classic and upscale.