Thoughtful Gifts for Your Groom-to-Be

Wedding Traditions and Gift IdeasNot every couple chooses to exchange gifts on the wedding day, but if you and your fiancé plan to adhere to this particular wedding tradition, it is important to find something special and meaningful to gift your groom. While it’s certainly the thought that counts behind any gift, rarely will an occasion be as significant as your wedding day. So make this gift, in particular, count, by showing your guy that you get him, that you love him, and that you can’t wait to start your life together!

Let Him Wear A Symbol of Your Love

No, his wedding ring doesn’t count as a gift. But, there are other manly accessories that make perfect wedding day gifts, and items he can wear and enjoy again long after you exchange your “I do’s.”


  • Engraved cufflinks are a timeless addition to any outfit, and a traditional groom’s gift. Or, if your man is in need of a timepiece upgrade, consider purchasing him a nice watch that suits his style. Have the back engraved with a special message, for an extra personal touch.
  • You could also pick a special tie, bowtie, vest, ascot, handkerchief or other accessory, and have your wedding date embroidered onto the back (bonus, he will never forget your anniversary!).
  • For the less-traditional groom, don’t be afraid to give him funky socks (to keep him from getting cold feet) along with some snazzy footwear. We actually love seeing grooms in cowboy boots or Converse sneakers, to suit their taste and to fit right in at your chosen wedding venue, whether you choose a rustic outdoor space or a cool urban area.