Wedding Ideas for the Bibliophiles Among Us

Wedding Planning for Book Lovers

Honor your shared love of reading, with these romantic wedding ideas!

Are you someone that loves to read? In fact, did you and your fiancé bond over a shared love of a certain boy wizard, fanciful chronicles from a land called Narnia, or another classic book series? Perhaps your love story even began in a bookstore, where your eyes met fatefully, from the tops of your hardbacks. If you love books, why not honor your soul-stirring passion by planning wedding décor and more that celebrates your bibliophilic ways?

Wonderful Ways to Honor Books On Your Big Day

There are a number of ways to incorporate your passion for reading into your wedding day. A few of our favorites include:

  • Using vintage books in your wedding colors, to help elevate floral arrangements and candles as part of your tablescapes. Or wrap a variety of books in kraft paper, fabric or a beautiful wrapping paper, to create a cohesive look.
  • For books past their prime, and destined for the recycling bin, you can even give them new life by spray painting both their spines and their pages in all white for a modern look, or a sparkly metallic, for a romantic look. Or, enlist help carving the books into table numbers!
  • A hollowed out book also makes a great and unexpected ring holder.
  • If you want to honor your favorite book series, without going fully thematic, incorporate elements from the timeframe when it was written, or other subtle nods to the characters you love. For instance, use teacups as vases, cards as table numbers, and vintage clocks for quirky decor if you’re an Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland superfan!
  • Your wedding cake is a great place to really celebrate a beloved book, or simply your love of reading. This is also a great place to use your imagination. You can have your cake designer create a fun character cake, a stack of books with all your favorite titles, or an iconic symbol from your favorite stories.
  • A book-themed wedding would not be complete without a memorable guest book. Sites like Etsy offer a number of options, including vintage books recreated into one-of-a-kind guestbooks!
  • Finally, when it comes to your menu, don’t be afraid to take a nod from the fare featured most prominently in your favorite book. We don’t know anyone that would pass up a grown-up take on Butterbeer, for instance!

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