Wisdom for Winter Wedding Planners

Romantic Winter Wedding Ideas

Create a romantic mood, at your wedding reception, with string lights and candles.

There’s nothing quite like dreaming of colder and cuddlier weather when the temperatures start soaring above 100 degrees. If you’re going a step further than dreaming, though, and beginning to plan a romantic winter wedding, we’re here to help. Whether you’re worried about taking photos during those dark winter nights, or simply wondering how to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception spaces when all of your favorite flowers are out of season, we have some simple and helpful tips for ensuring you host a romantic and cozy wedding day!

Create a Wintery Dream with Timeless Décor

There are two important things to keep in mind when it comes to planning winter wedding décor.

  1. First, it is extremely wise to work with what’s in season. Ordering flowers that have to be sourced from exotic locations can quickly run up your budget. So rather than fighting nature, take cues from it! Choose as many seasonal flowers as possible, and if your very favorite flower happens to be out of season, use it sparingly to add fanciful flourishes, while letting more affordable flowers serve as the base for your arrangements and bouquets.
  2. Secondly, as you know, winter means the sun will be going down much sooner than it does in the warmer months. To ensure your wedding photographer has ample and more importantly beautiful light to create gorgeous portraits, consider making added lights a central part of your décor.

Nothing kills a romantic vibe quite like harsh fluorescent lighting, so rather than relying on dull overhead lights for your main source of illumination, consider adding numerous real candles (if your wedding venue allows them), which add both rich light and warmth! And if candles are outlawed where you’re getting married, opt for battery-operated versions, which create the same ambience and glow without the fire hazard. Both real and LED candles can be used on tables, but also to fill candelabras and lanterns throughout your ceremony and reception sites.

Don’t forget about twinkly lights, as well. Christmas-style string lights aren’t just for December weddings, either. They are perfect year-round, but especially to combat the darkness of winter. We love traditional globe lights, but also Edison-style bulbs and those made of mercury glass. Just keep in mind that most photographers recommend keeping your lighting neutral in color, for beautiful and timeless portraits without strange colorcasts.