Carry a One-of-a-Kind Bouquet

Is a One-of-a-Kind Bouquet Right for YouAs a thoroughly modern bride, are you interested in creating a wedding that screams “you!” If so, you may be looking for alternatives to many of the same-old tired ideas you have seen filling Pinterest and wedding magazines for years, now. In fact, you may want to think really outside of the box when it comes to choosing the decorations and attire you will use and wear at your wedding. And what better way to show off your uniqueness, than through your bridal bouquet, which blends decoration and fashion in such a fun way?! Whether you DIY your wedding bouquet, or buy a one-of-a-kind creation, here are some of our favorite alternatives to traditional flowers!

Mix It Up

One of the best ways to create a memorably unique bouquet, and one that adequately reflects your personal sense of style and forward-thinking nature, is by incorporating a number of different elements, both flowers and beyond.

For instance, we love seeing brides mix traditional flowers with unexpected elements like small succulents, feathers, or even fruit or pinecones.

Fall-related foliage is perfect for a romantic autumn wedding, while wildflowers and greenery look great for spring. Using seasonal elements is a great way to both create a unique look, and to help reduce costs (Tip: in-season flowers are far more affordable).

Think Outside the Florist’s Box

Who says you have to carry flowers at all, though? Not us!

For crafty brides, it is possible to create your own bouquet out of unexpected objects, such as paper made into flowers. Best of all, you can use newsprint, comic book pages, sheet music, or whatever most speaks to you.

Or, you could order a bouquet crafted from vintage brooches, buttons, fabric or even wood. You might be surprised just how many amazing flower alternatives there are available on sites like Etsy. Best of all, many will continue to look beautiful for years after your wedding day, no preservation required!