Festive Ways to Add Texture to Your Fall Wedding

Textural Fall Wedding DecorMost people think of colors and flowers, when they begin planning their wedding decor, but these are only a few of the ways to add ambience and style to your wedding ceremony and reception. Another less obvious way to create design interest is through texture! By adding in a variety of elements, you can help develop a truly interesting wedding design, one that guests will be sure to admire and that will make for beautiful and memorable photographs, as well!

Burlap Is Just One of the Many Fabrics Perfect for Fall!

Rustic weddings have long featured burlap as a mainstay fabric, but this isn’t the only texture perfect for fall. Lace, especially true vintage stock or that which is made to emulate antique-looking lace, is a wonderful way to introduce a timeless look. Even vintage quilts, or heavy knit throw blankets can be used to add layers of warmth and a variety of textures to your celebration. (Best of all, guests can use them to cozy up during a chilly fall ceremony!)

  • In addition to tablecloths, you can use fabric to cover hay bales as makeshift benches for your ceremony.
  • Beautiful fabrics also make for great photo backdrops, either behind your altar for the ceremony, or as an open-air alternative to a photobooth, set up in a corner of your reception venue. (Starched lace creates a cool textural backdrop, while strips of colorful satin ribbon flow beautifully in open-air spaces.)
  • You could also offer small throw blankets or soft scarves to help keep guests warm. They also make for welcome and fun alternatives to traditional wedding favors!

Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Design

What would a fall wedding be without some natural elements, as well? Fall is plentiful with natural bounty, perfect for completing tablescapes, but also used as rich textural décor throughout your wedding. Apples, gourds, actual fallen leaves, pinecones, moss and acorns all make for perfect seasonal décor.

  • We also love rustic wood elements, for adding warmth to a space. Whether used as table numbers, cake stands, or makeshift end tables in casual seating arrangements, adding in real wood pieces can create a timeless beauty!
  • Metals and glass also add interesting textures, and often create unique lighting as well. Look for mercury or rose-colored glass votive holders, or even string lights, to create a touch of timeless elegance.
  • Vintage canning jars are also perfect as both candle holders, or vases!
  • Even hardbound books can be a fun way to add texture. Look for books in a variety of fall colors, and use them to display table numbers, to elevate flower arrangements, or even hanging for a unique and memorable display that is especially perfect for avid readers!