Get Inspired By Your Family’s Love Stories

Wedding Traditions to Take a Cue FromYes, there are dozens of magazines filled with beautiful images of weddings, and honestly a lot of styled shoots. Pinterest, too, is overflowing with inspiration when it comes to planning your dream wedding. But sometimes, the best source of inspiration isn’t online, or even editorial imagery. It’s your family’s own photo albums. After all, your wedding day is about much more than a single celebration. It’s about starting a new life together, as husband and wife. And who better to prepare you for that momentous undertaking than the family members who have gone before you, especially those that have established a humbling and inspiring legacy of love?

Invite Your Loved Ones to Join the Celebration

Rather than asking your most precious loved ones to simply watch as you exchange vows, why not make them special parts of the ceremony, itself?

  • If one of your family members is already an ordained minister, consider asking him or her to conduct your ceremony. The result will be likely be moving and much more meaningful than hiring a random officiant.
  • Do you have a musically gifted sibling, cousin, or other relative? If so, ask him or her to play as you walk down the aisle, or even perform a solo act during the ceremony, such as while you light a unity candle.
  • You could also invite a loved one to read a favorite passage of scripture or poem during the ceremony, or offer a heartfelt toast at your reception.
  • Speaking of candles, many modern couples are inviting their parents, grandparents, or even their own children to participate in these types of sacred and sentimental exchanges, whether it be lighting a single candle from many, or pouring multi-colored sand into a vase, etc.
  • You could also invite special loved ones to come surround you while a prayer of blessing is offered over you.