Helpful Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Fall Wedding Menu PlanningFor many couples, one of the most fun parts of wedding planning is choosing what to serve guests for lunch or dinner. From brunch buffets to updated and classy takes on childhood favorites (like macaroni and cheese), we love seeing couples choose fun and personal meals that reflect both their palettes (obviously) and their personalities, as well! If you’re wondering what you need to ask your caterer of choice, though, or how to narrow the options to choose your caterer in the first place, here are some questions that can certainly help the two of you create a one-of-a-kind menu that will delight guests and your own tastebuds!

Can My Menu Be Created Using Local, Seasonal Ingredients?

Many modern couples value the cost-savings and benefits to the planet, of opting for as many seasonal and local ingredients as possible. If these are important considerations to you, speak with your caterer about what kind of menu could be crafted with an emphasis on thoughtfully-sourced ingredients.

What About Guests with Food Allergies and Restrictions?

If you know a few of your guests are vegetarians, have faith-based dietary restrictions, or food allergies, it is important to speak with your caterer about creating meal options that suit their needs. While we are not suggesting you try to cater to every guest’s personal preferences, it is important to respect noted dietary restrictions.

If there will be several kids present, you may also want to opt for some kid-friendly dishes, especially if the rest of your menu will feature exotic fare.