How to Honor Those Extra Special Guests, Your Kids!

Ways to Honor Your Kids at Your WeddingMore and more, couples want to make their kids feel special during their wedding celebrations. When blending two families together, it can be especially meaningful to invite children to play a special role in the wedding day. From young kids to adult children, there are plenty of ways to make your sons and daughters feel honored during your wedding celebration. In fact, it is a great way to share in the joy you are experiencing, and the excitement you feel as you start this next chapter in life!

Young Kids Can Be Ringbearers or Best Men, Flower Girls or Attendants

While many couples still reserve the role of ringbearer and flower girl for their youngest guests-of-honor, these are not the only jobs you can dole out to your children.

  • Even school-aged children can make excellent maids-of-honor or best men. (Of course, adult children can fill these roles as well!)
  • And don’t be afraid to shirk traditional gender roles. If you want your son and daughter to stand beside you when you wed, feel free to have them serve in your bridal party.
  • Older kids might actually like to do a reading, as well, or instead of serving in your bridal party. For gifted musicians, you could also invite them to play the song as you walk down the aisle, or as you exit as husband and wife.

Vow to Be the Best Parents You Can Be

Many modern couples are also incorporating a second set of vows into their wedding ceremonies, vows to be the best parents they can. Some parents also incorporate a gift into this segment of the ceremony, such as offering rings or necklaces.

You could also invite your kids to take part in lighting a unity candle, or a sand ceremony, making clear the importance of their presence, and your commitment to care for them as one unified parental unit!