How to Ward Off Disagreements with Family While Wedding Planning

Ward Off Problems with Wedding PlanningWedding planning can be a great deal of fun, an excellent bonding opportunity for fiancés, and a chance to spend some extra time with loved ones, finding the perfect dress, the dream venue, and much more. Unfortunately, the busyness of wedding planning can also lead to stress. And with emotions running high, and time in short supply, it’s no wonder some couples and their families get frustrated during the planning process. In order to ward off potential disagreements, here is our best (most straightforward) advice about how to plan a successful wedding without leaving hurt feelings in your wake.

Enlist Help Where You Know You Need It

Most couples, even the independent type, find that they will need some help when it comes time to plan their weddings. Fortunately, many families are eager to lend a helping hand when it comes to wedding planning.

  • To help ensure you get the help you need, without any added headaches, though, it is best to be clear and concise about precisely what you need help with. That way your parents and other family members know that you’re not inviting them to start calling all the shots, just because you’ve enlisted their help securing a caterer, venue, etc.
  • You can also focus on asking for help in areas where you know certain family members already have expertise or interest. That way the projects will be fun, and completed in good faith! For instance, if your grandma is an expert seamstress, consider asking her to help make the table runner for your head table. This is a much more manageable and meaningful contribution than asking her to do the alterations for all of your bridesmaids.
  • Do make sure you’re involving your families in ways that make them feel appreciated and important.
  • If a family member owns a wedding-related business, expect to pay them for their time. That is unless they expressly offer you a service for free.
  • You don’t want to leave anyone feeling taken advantage of, or put out.