Month: September 2016

Pay Homage to Your Alma Mater On Your Wedding Day

Does your school pride run deep? In fact, are many of your fondest memories from your days of walking your high school halls or your college campus? Will the bridesmaids standing by your side be more than friends, namely sorority sisters? Are all your husbands’ best buds from his days on the football team, in… Read more »

How to Honor Those Extra Special Guests, Your Kids!

More and more, couples want to make their kids feel special during their wedding celebrations. When blending two families together, it can be especially meaningful to invite children to play a special role in the wedding day. From young kids to adult children, there are plenty of ways to make your sons and daughters feel… Read more »

How to Ward Off Disagreements with Family While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be a great deal of fun, an excellent bonding opportunity for fiancés, and a chance to spend some extra time with loved ones, finding the perfect dress, the dream venue, and much more. Unfortunately, the busyness of wedding planning can also lead to stress. And with emotions running high, and time in… Read more »

Drafting Your Guest List? Who Makes the Cut?

For many couples, one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning is simply determining who should be invited. With a guest list too big, a wedding can start to feel impersonal, too small, and you might feel as though important people are missing from the most important day of your life. If you and… Read more »

Celebrate the Holidays with a Festive Bash

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool, and the stores and cafes have officially unveiled pumpkin spiced everything, it can only mean one thing: it will soon be time for holiday parties. Whether you have been charged with planning a work party or one for friends and family, now is actually the perfect time… Read more »

Help Your Loved One Retire In Style with a Festive Party

Is it nearly time for your husband, wife or another loved one to retire? If so, there is probably a lot on your mind, the least of which might be planning a retirement party. But there are a number of great reasons to host a party in your retiree’s honor, most importantly to celebrate a… Read more »

Wedding Traditions It’s Fun to Break!

Sure, wedding traditions have their place. Even when planning a thoroughly modern wedding, it can be nice to give nods to weddings past by following time-honored traditions, or even incorporating elements from your family’s historical weddings. That said, we think there are some traditions it is more than okay to break. In fact, it can… Read more »

Enjoy a Dream Wedding with These Romantic Touches

For you, does planning your dream wedding mean creating a romantic ambience and an overall dreamy quality? Many modern brides are ditching stuffy wedding traditions and overly fancy decorations, in favor of a more bohemian vibe, one that invites guests to relax, have fun, and most of all celebrate with you as you marry the… Read more »

What Should Your Bridesmaids Wear?

If you are a bride that wants her friends to look and feel beautiful during your big day, then chances are, you are already on the hunt for something other than the mythical “typical” bridesmaid dress. You know the one. It’s made of ill-fitting organza, and somehow also includes an ungodly amount of taffeta, and… Read more »

Celebrate Your Next Special Occasion In Style

Whether it is a brand new baby on the way, a retirement party for your favorite coworker, or the recent engagement of your favorite cousin, chances are good that someday soon you will soon have some special occasion in your life worth celebrating. And when it comes time to throw a party, don’t you want… Read more »