Should We Write Our Own Vows?

Wedding Vows with Extra MeaningAre you and your fiancé the DIY type, looking forward to putting your own unique signature on many of your wedding details, from the table décor to custom cocktails? If so, you may be considering the idea of writing your own wedding vows, as well. Many modern couples choose to pen their own commitments, to exchange during their ceremony. But if you’re unsure whether or not this is the right choice for the two of you, then consider these questions, that can help decide whether the vows are something you should DIY or leave to the experts, scriptures, etc.

What Does Your Officiant Have to Say?

First and foremost, it is best to check with your officiant, assuming you already have someone in mind, to see if he or she allows original vows. Many ministers prefer – and may even require – couples stick to pre-written, often scripture-based marital vows, particularly if they will be wedding during a traditional church ceremony.

So before you go through the trouble/exciting joy of carefully crafting your own vows, make sure it will be allowed.

Are You Poets, Singers, or Creative In Some Way?

Many creative types choose to create their own vows, because they are already comfortable expressing themselves through the written word, song, or another artistic field. If this is you, and/or your fiancé, embrace your talents and passions, by flexing your creative muscles to create your own vows.

Or alternately, use your gifts to create another unique event at your wedding, such as serenading one another, reading a poem written about the two of you, or even displaying a painting or other handcrafted item at your wedding reception! The sky is really the limit here!

Is There a Reason You Don’t Want to Rely on The Wise Words of Others?

Finally, if you are still on the fence about whether or not to write your own vows, ask whether there is a specific reason you’re drawn to the idea. Do you dislike the traditional vows, or do you simply think it would be cool to have your own unique vows to exchange?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with relying on the words of those that have gone before you, to help express your love and commitment to one another!

If the traditional vows don’t speak to you – or resonate with you – consider the many alternative vows available online, or craft your own, using sources that do inspire you. From reciting poetry to using favorite movie quotes and song lyrics, feel free to borrow from your favorite sources to semi-DIY your own vows, just make sure to give credit where it’s due! You don’t want guests – or your bride or groom – to think you’re trying to take credit for penning “All you need is love,” or “You complete me,” even if the sentiment rings true to you!